Nikki wants to help you find play in your everyday.

Nikki Chasin is on a mission to redefine what it means to be modern and sophisticated. We believe that fashion should never be too serious or rigid. It should be a source of inspiration, a way to express one's personality, and a reminder to find joy in the little moments. Our designs embody this philosophy, offering a fresh take on elegance with unexpected whimsical touches.
Our purpose is to bring joy and whimsy into women's lives through fashion that is both fun and functional, allowing them to embrace their individuality and creativity.

"Fashion is an art form, and at Nikki Chasin, we're dedicated to creating wearable works of art. Our pieces are meticulously crafted with attention to detail, beautiful fabrics, and playful elements. We want women to feel like they're wearing something truly special, a piece that sparks conversation and brings a smile to their face."

- Nikki Chasin, Founder

Meet Nikki

Nikki’s namesake label indulges her passion for encouraging women to use their clothing as a canvas for their own self-expression. She is renowned for her playful, whimsical and artful creations beloved by celebrities and grannies alike.

After graduating from Parsons in 2012, the Miami-born, New York-based designer found herself feeling disenchanted by the current unsustainable fashion system. She wanted to create a space that felt artful yet welcoming and attainable, that stripped the pretenses away to embrace anyone interested and create a friendly environment.

Nikki set out to build a line that reflected the values she felt was missing in the medium she loved so much. She wanted to create a collection of beautiful clothing that held a mirror up to the vintage, archival pieces she was sourcing with a nuanced approach to the preciousness, artistry and hand-touched thoughtfulness that is etched into the garments. With nods to nostalgia, her collection is intentionally designed to feel intimately self-expressive and purposefully joyful. Nikki strives to offer the highest quality of craftsmanship and materials to not just be seasonless staples in your rotation but last as a favorite for years to come.

Nikki has been featured in the New York Times and was chosen as part of the Racked Young Guns Class of 2014, as well as the Design Entrepreneurs of NYC program at FIT.

Giving back for a more creative, joyful tomorrow.

We are committed to giving back in our community. A portion of our proceeds is donated to Kite's Nest, a Hudson, NY organization advocating creative expression and nurturing leadership with programs for young people.