Internet Distribution Policy

Annual Order Volume

The annual order volume minimum for holding an online distribution account with Nikki Chasin is $10K annually.  


Nikki Chasin is a lifestyle & fashion brand with a wide offering of categories that encourages playful self expression in all situations. The breadth of the assortment necessary for distributing online must be representative of the Nikki Chasin collection and offer an assortment that highlights certain categories.  Your sales rep will review your the assortment with you to approve!  

Internet Distribution Approval Process

Approvals for opening online distribution to accounts is at the discretion of the Nikki Chasin wholesale team. 

Criteria for Internet Distribution Approvals: 

  • Review of the site and brand policies
  • Sustainability and transparency policies and guidelines
  • State-of-the-art website 
  • A certain volume of sales coming from brick-and-mortar vs online
  • Sales volume from last year
  • Proximity to other wholesale accounts 

Sales Channel Restriction

Retailers who sell Nikki Chasin are not authorized to sell such products under any Third Party marketplaces, Dropship marketplaces or auction sites including but not limited to Amazon, eBay, Garmentory, etc. 

Paid Advertising Limitations

Retailers may not bid on any internet search engines for terms or related terms to the Nikki Chasin brand and collection i.e. paid advertising with Google ads and Merchant Center. 

Asset Access

Approved accounts will have access to necessary assets if needed to support online sales - including On White photography, lifestyle photos, copy, specs, training tools and fit guides. These assets are all available on our online portal. If we are missing anything please email us at

Branding Usage

Approved accounts are encouraged to access and use our brand guidelines for copy, voice, font color and logo for marketing and online visual display purposes. These assets are all available on our online portal. If we are missing anything please email us at

Sales and Promotions and the Nikki Chasin brick-and-mortar stores offer annual sales in line with the standard retail calendar (i.e BFCM, Labor Day, Memorial Day etc…). We will share our calendar with wholesale partners seasonally and during new ATS releases if requested by account.